Inspired by the neoclassical balance between material and shape, Accademia embraces old-world influences. By linking the choice of materials and more classical luxury stylistic features with the most sophisticated designs, Accademia adds a touch of classic style to the most modern settings, while further enhancing existing classical environments.
The strikingly simple shape, the perfect texture of the marble and the taps laminated with a gilded finish, combined with a design that oozes with avant-garde and nostalgic appeal, make every detail in this collection an unmistakable stylish feature.
Nothing is left to fate, within these settings devised to perfection down to the tiniest detail, such as the leather armchairs - hand-made in the best Italian ateliers - or the carpets, which are genuine masterpieces made entirely out of silk. All these accoutrements blend in seamlessly with the gold leaf finishes on Duralight® and the exclusive gold leaf craft work on the mirrors.
In Autoritratti bathroom suites, thanks to a wise play of contrasts, the exclusive versatility of Duralight® meets with the skill of master engravers, making the strikingly simple elegance of Accademia something extremely rare and luxurious, which blends to perfection with the opulence of grey stone and the elegance of the precious chromed finishes.
With the Pop Limited Edition Accademia, classic has been combined with post-modern, creating a unique piece: a collector's item, capable of summing up in the best possible way the merger of technology with Teuco design, catering to the needs of craftsmanship, to become pure art.
While developing the exclusive and luxurious world of Accademia with a modern feel, we exploited all the potential of Duralight, making this material become the undisputed star of tailor-made projects where block colours and the most functional materials dominate the scene. The monolithic style of Milestone wash basins meets with the creative freedom of Duralight, while chandeliers featuring simple and minimal geometric shapes light up settings where the grey stone stands out in the soft shades of the surroundings.